The code consist black modules arranged on a white board and in a square pattern. QR Codes look like this: QR Codes were invented to track vehicles during the manufacturing process in 1994. It allows the contents to be decoded at high speed. In recent years QR codes become common in advertising and packaging due to the popularity of Smartphone.

QR Code Scanner & Generator:Amazon.co.uk:Appstore for AndroidQR Code has become the key factor for advertising purpose because QR codes provide quick and easy access to the websites. Some standard documents covering encoding by QR Codes :- -AIM (Association For Automatic Identification And Mobility) – 1997 -JIS X 510 – 1999 -ISO 18004:2000 – 2000 -ISO 18004:2006 – 2006 There are some variations at the application layer between some implementations. ZXing the open source project maintains QR Code data list. The use of QR Code is very common in Japan. QR Codes are using top take information from a transitory medium and place it in cell phones. You may see QR Codes in a magazine advertisement and on a web page,QR CODES GENERATORS Articles or on T-shirts. QR Codes store address and URL (Uniform Resources Locators) will appear in magazines, on business cards, buses, signs or on other objects on which user need information. QR Codes could be linked to track a location. QR Codes used to retrieve Geo information in applications like GPS navigator etc. QR Codes can be qr code generator uk used in Android system and applications or as a third party scanner like ZXing. Symbian operating system of Nokia can read the QR Codes. The QR Code reader is not included in Apple phones but there are free applications are available in the Android market. Blackberry gadgets can read QR Codes and any web browser. Windows phone 7.5 can read QR Codes through Bing search applications. There are 3 varieties of QR Codes:- 1.Micro QR Code : – This is a smaller version of QR Code. Micro QR Codes are also of different types. 2.Standard QR Code : – It possesses the ability to handle large scans. Standard QR Code contain 7089 characters. 3.Artistic QR Code : – It can be modified as according to purpose. A BCH Code is used to protect format information and each QR Code includes two copies. Massage data can be placed right to left direction in zigzag form. QR Code can handle hundred times more information in comparison of bar codes. QR Codes can handle all type data like binary, numeric, alphabetic, symbols, control codes etc. In 1 symbol 7089 characters can be encoded. QR Codes have information horizontally and vertically. QR Code is able for 360` high speed scanning. QR Code is capable of departing into different areas.


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