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Welcome to Cursillo® in Scotland! We are a network of people within the Scottish Episcopal Church, which is a member of the Anglican Communion.

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a movement of the whole Church which depends upon the co-operation of both lay people and clergy. This range of experience enriches our worship and our fellowship. Cursillo in Scotland is a province-wide movement within the Scottish Episcopal Church, working in consultation with the College of Bishops.

Cursillo is a Spanish word (pronounced kur-see-yo) which means "short course". The full title (Cursillo in Christiandad) means "a short course in being a Christian".

The Aim of Cursillo is:

"To reawaken people to the calling they received in their baptism to be witnesses for Christ, to give them the stimulus to plan ways of doing this, and to provide support structures through which they can encourage each other and hold each other accountable before God for their lives as Christian witnesses."
Revd Canon Christopher Lewis, "Cursillo, a Sabbatical Study Report", 1991

Cursillo helps us:

  • To grow into a deeper relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ.
  • To discover our personal vocations and to develop our individual gifts for Christian service and leadership.
  • To become more effective witnesses to Jesus Christ in our lives.
  • To bring about and to strengthen Christian commitment within a Community of Faith.
  • To build up the witness of the Church in the world that both may be renewed and transformed.

The Cursillo Method

Cursillo is for those members of congregations who are already committed in their Christian lives and is intended to be a partnership between lay people and clergy. Cursillo is part of the Church, and is nurtured and sustained by its teaching, by prayer, the sacraments, and spiritual direction; and by the mutual support of small and larger groups of fellow Christians.

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Affiliated with the British Anglican Cursillo Council